Relics Rentals – Taking your event to the next level

Relics Rentals is your designing bff! Supplying Milwaukee & surrounding areas, Relics provides a one stop shop for any rental needs! From lounge furniture to candles & tables, you will be pressed to not find a perfect addition to your day. Relics has a lengthy catalog of available rentals from ethically sourced materials & sustainable sources- so you know it’s high quality! Aside from their usual catalog, they are available to design custom items from request.

 The Benefits

The benefits of renting are endless. If you choose not to rent certain items you want on your day, you will have to buy the item at retail pricing. This means you will have to transport the items to your venue, place them, and clean them up at the end of the night. And what will you do with 100 candlestick holders after your wedding!! Relics supplies installation & dismantling services. They will come to the venue & set up the items & return at the end of the night to take the items back. They will also clean & restore the items of any damages, if any, opposed to you doing it yourself after the fact. Renting your must have items opposed to buying, takes so much stress & hard work off of yourself, or your planning team. Relics is more than happy to help with this!

Meghan Harris Photography, Bird & Bumble Floral


Let’s talk about the catalog! Relics has an extremely lengthy catalog of items! From vintage lounges to modern seating & tables, Relics has a dash of everything. If your venue does not have an arbor, Relics has an array of different arbors available to rent. Their collection of lighting and candles, which are one of our favorites, can be utilized to add a pop of color to your tablescapes! 

Santiago Murillo Photography, Jane Kelly Floral