The Art of Groom

 I can imagine you have spent countless hours creating Pinterest board after Pinterest board to capture the best bridal gowns, dress colors, accessories, skin care routine, makeup look, hairstyle, and even down to your nail color. You will soon precisely assemble your glam squad to help create your dream wedding day look. You have probably had a few bridal shop appointments with your girls to help choose the perfect gown of your dreams and the accessories to match with no detail left out ensuring each one compliments the next.

As you made decision after decision about your look, how much time have you really thought about the groom? Contrary to popular belief it takes a lot more than a dark suit and showing up for him to look his best on the wedding day. 


Trust me when I say, he doesn’t want to stand next to his flawless bride not looking and feeling his best too! So let’s dive into the art of making your groom look good. 

Let’s start with the suit.

When deciding on a suit or a tuxedo for your groom’s attire, always consider these two factors: what is the wedding setting and the bride’s look. Keep in mind, is your venue indoor or outdoor, is it formal, informal, and what time of day is the ceremony taking place? For a semi-formal setting, a classic suit or a stylish blazer with dress pants could be the perfect choice.  The bride’s gown is the next factor, you will have a photographer following you around for 8-10 hours snapping hundreds of photos of you that will be cherished for years to come. It is important no one is overdressed or underdressed; coordinating your look is key.

Whether considering a formal look, or opting for more semi-casual groom attire, ensuring that the ensemble complements the bridal attire is crucial.

The suit basics consist of the classic suit, black tie, and white tie. With the most popular being the classic.

The classic suit is versatile but timeless and transitions well from daytime to nighttime. It pairs great with many different style bridal gowns. This would be your most versatile choice. The black tie is always a great option for a more sophisticated look and compliments the most stunning of bridal gowns. White tie suits think formal, like ballroom type formal. These suits are complete with a tailcoat over a white shirt and white bowtie.

They complement best with the ball gown style wedding dress. Adding a vest can also enhance the groom’s appearance, providing an extra layer of style and sophistication.


Tie or bowtie? 

Either one will look great. Let’s start with the tie, the most common and the most traditional choice. A patterned tie is a great way to incorporate an accent color or compliment the theme of the wedding. Notice the floral tie Aaron is wearing, this was a great accent to their outdoor summer wedding.

The bowtie is traditional yet sophisticated and adds a touch of formality to the groom’s overall attire.

Mikel and Whitney chose a timeless black bowtie for Mikel’s attire. Optionally, you can also match a pocket square that complements the tie or bowtie to add an extra touch of sophistication.

A great example of formal groom attire.
Now that I’ve got you thinking about your fiance’s attire, let’s touch on how to properly coordinate the rest of the groomsmen. They do not need to match, variation in suit color is completely acceptable. He will be taking more photos with you throughout the night then with his guys. BLANK’s look below is a great example of suit color variation. 

For couples that strive on clean lines and a monochromatic look, Kate & Joe’s wedding party knocked this look out of the park. There is no variation in the suits which gives a sophisticated stunning look to this wedding party, I personally feel like this photo should be in a magazine or something .

Accessories are the best way to embrace personality into the groom’s look. Details matter when it comes to weddings and even more so when it’s personal touches the couple wears throughout their day. From suspenders, to cuff links, watches, belt, all the way down to socks and shoes.

Ultimately a polished look that compliments each other’s attire is what you should be striving for. Trust me when I say, you will be helping each other dress for many more years to come. Why not, start on your day 1 together?