A Romantic Autumn Wedding *the Wisconsin way.

When I first met Sara and Andrew over video chat, I could see a mature, deep love between them that was built on trust, passion, and a solid friendship. This was the real deal. Our connection was immediate, and I knew we were the perfect fit for one another. We were ready to begin the journey towards their dream wedding. 

What was their dream wedding? Like their relationship, it needed to have depth – a deep, romantic palate with warmth, but a Wisconsin type of warmth that goes further than the fickle midwestern climate. Family, love, friendship, and of course barns and cheese. That is the Wisconsin way. 

If I connect with a couple, I can usually assume I will also connect with their friends and family. Of course, Sara and Andrew’s family were incredible. Their ceremony was filled with joy and love. 


I knew immediately that Shully’s Catering would be the perfect fit for this food-loving couple.  Shully’s was able to capture that Wisconsin spirit. A “cheese” cake was a must. 

Cocktail Hour – oh cocktail hour. Oh perfect lighting from the setting sun, signature drinks and custom creations that danced on our palates and hearts.

The warm and quiet Autumn day at Barn at Wagon Wheel was nothing less than magical. The light from the fall sun hit everything from the perfect angle. Sarah Glick, our genius, creative, photography guru had the perfect setting for her camera and artistic eye. She and her team were able to capture some truly amazing photographs throughout the day. 

Our team of vendors fell deeply in love with Sara and Andrew, and were more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the details of the day were treated with the utmost patience and care. I personally spent three hours glueing pre-cut ribbons together (long, but true story) in order to create the perfect tablescape. 

What I love the most about this wedding was the number of personal touches that were added to fully reflect Sara and Andrew’s personalities and their unique relationship. Andrew tells the story of their trip to France in August of 2018. “On the second night, we stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast outside of Dijon.  Dinner was served family style there, and we ate with an older German couple and a British couple named Andrew and Sarah with two kids who couldn’t wait to pepper us with nature trivia and tell us about their toy dinosaurs (the boy claimed to have 40). After dinner we shared a bottle of wine we bought in Chablis.  Sara asked me if I was ready to have a kid with 40 dinosaurs. I said I couldn’t wait.” 

A cake with dinosaur toppers?

Umm….absolutely. I personally can’t wait to meet their little dinosaur children.


Walking into the barn for dinner was like stepping into a home. A warm and breathtaking home that was filled with family and friends that were there to embrace Sara and Andrew with their palpable love and support. It brought me to tears when I saw their faces as they stepped into their fairytale. 

Cheers, Sara & Andrew!

Venue: Barn at Wagon Wheel
Photographer: Sarah Glick
Florist: Generations Floral
Caterer: Shully’s
Hair & Makeup: Ulta Beauty and Design Team
Cake: Aggies
Bartending: Drink Inc