How to Turn Postponement Blues into Celebratory Hues

What a year it’s been. Since the global health pandemic took hold, we have been at the epicenter of difficult decisions and conversations with our clients in determining what steps make sense for their situation. It has been emotional and uplifting to see our couples endure and navigate the unexpected together. There’s been joyful, intimate home weddings, heartfelt elopements, and promising postponements. For most clients postponing in the new year, there is still significance of your ‘first’ I do date, and likely a case of the blues. But we are here to tell you this; your original wedding date will always be meaningful and is still worth spending celebrating each other.

So what do you do when the day your wedding should have been on finally rolls around? We say extend the celebration and spend the day rallying in why you chose each other. Even if that means canceling everything and staying under your duvet together. If you want to get creative and make it even more memorable, here are some of our ideas:

Relax Together & Feel the Feels

First and foremost, feel what you feel and acknowledge those emotions. It’s okay to laugh, to cry, or do nothing at all. If you want to cuddle up on the couch with your fiancé and watch movie favorites, do it! How you spend the “original” date is up to you and no one else. Lounging in your jammies, with your snuggly pet in between, sounds like a lovely day.

Journey Down Memory Lane

Break out the old shoebox under the bed with mementos and photos. Or scroll way back to day one on your Facebook timeline and share a giggle over everything you’ve done together.  If there were ever a time to reminisce about your relationship, today’s the day. Go through old photos, read the old love notes or emails you saved, and relive stories of how you met or began your courtship.

    Emma & Peter | Uttke Photography & Design

    Reflect and Toast to Each Other

    It can’t be denied — you two are incredible. Swimming the unexpected waters of a pandemic to come back strong for your postponed wedding day is worthy of a toast to each other and your support systems. Crack open your favorite local beers, concoct your specialty cocktail, or pop the bubbly and drink it til it’s time for another.


    Make a Night of Your Favorite Local Treats

    My favorite part of getting to know my couples is learning about their shared local favorites, places they keep coming back to that hosted date nights, celebrations, casual night-ins. Support local businesses by ordering your favorite dishes. While you might not have envisioned celebrating your wedding with local pizza or your favorite lo-mein, it’ll create a special memory you’ll never forget.

    Caitlin & Ben | Meghan Lee Harris

    Share Your Vows

    Even if you won’t be having a formal ceremony, you can still say your vows to each other to mark your commitment and celebrate the love between you two. Maybe you write private vows that encompass how you feel on this day, intimately written for only one set of ears, and a second set that is for your future wedding date for all to hear. Taking the time to open up about your commitment and the love you have for your partner is a really special way to return to what it’s all about, and acknowledge that the love you have for one another is resilient. Take the time to remind your partner what it is you love about them. Use your original date to fall in love all over again.

    Emma & Peter | Uttke Photography

     Share Your Day – Zoom in or invite over your bridal party / nearest and dearest so you can all have a laugh and lift each other’s spirits. Recognize that one day in the not too distant future, you’ll all be together celebrating your wedding. 

    Dance Your First Dance – Your speaker is your band and your living room is your dancefloor. Press play, get close, and dance to your song. From there, take turns choosing and playing songs that make you think of each other and let the party take hold.

    Jena & Ben / Catherine Holden Photography

    Whatever you choose to do on this day, celebrate the love you have for each other and how amazing your team of two is in navigating this hurdle. Your wedding day may be postponed, but on this day you have each other. Your wedding day will arrive. And it will be all the more joyous and sweet because of what you and your partner have been through.