Kind Words from our Couples

  Aside from marrying my wonderful husband, hiring Morgan from Blue Fancy was the best decision I made during the whole wedding process. The weekend of the wedding Morgan was a total rockstar! She went above and beyond and totally exceeded expectations. Because of Morgan’s planning and calm demeanor I was able to be completely relaxed and stress free for my wedding, which doesn’t come easily for me. I whole-heartedly recommend Morgan and Blue Fancy. Working with Morgan as our wedding coordinator was an absolute joy and huge blessing in our life!

Kallie & Matthew

  My husband and I have nothing but fabulous things to say about Meredith and Blue Fancy. When we first met Meredith, it was almost as if we had an instant connection with her. She took the time to really get to know Brad and me, which showed through in her ability to execute on our vision, focusing on the important details and helping us find cost effective ways to make our dream wedding a reality. In fact, we even came in just under budget! Meredith eliminated almost all of the stress that can come with wedding planning. We simply loved our experience with her.

Allie & Brad

  This woman ran the show and made it look easy! She is focused, organized, detail oriented, a great “family manager” (you know what I mean), but also completely focused on the meaning of the day and being in the moment. When it came to planning, I was a type A bride… and she knew exactly what to do with me. Each step of the way she was there. 

Lauren & Zach

  Kudos to Emily Martin, Lead Coordinator, at Blue Fancy for orchestrating our October wedding reception. What a gift to discover Blue Fancy. From the first meeting to blowing out the candles at the evening’s end, Emily was on top of the details. When the big day arrived, all Tim and I had to do was show up and enjoy. How wonderful is that. Emily alleviated so much work and stress from us. She got us. She was organized. Her aesthetic helped create an inviting, lovely space. And she was a delight to work with. 

Liz & Tim, Bride and Groom

  “If I could, I’d give BF more stars! Meredith was absolutely the best person to deal with. Genuine to say the least. Not for one moment did I think she was giving me/us a line of bs. She took and ran with everything we threw her way. She demands a crowd (even ours who are all very, let’s say Alphas in their own rights) and got them to listen and do what needed to be done. She was the most important asset of the day prior and day of the wedding. I truly feel I would have been lost without her. Meredith has become a friend as well. Didn’t know her prior, but will definitely have her in my life going forward! Thank you soooo much for all of your help! Definitely worth the investment! 🙂

Andy & Jamie - Groom & Groom

  I cannot thank Blue Fancy enough for ensuring that all the time and care we put into planning our wedding translated to a beautiful day that went off without a hitch. I really felt we were all on the same page  – which proved completely true. Our wedding was amazing and I was truly able to relax and soak in the experience. THANK YOU, Blue Fancy! And to all of you reading this, if you are in the midst of stressful wedding planning and wondering if hiring a coordinator is worth it, it most definitely is!”

Anna & Blake

 Meredith with Blue Fancy events made our wedding more than what we could have dreamed of. We were blown away walking into our wedding! Looking back to the beginning meeting with Meredith she captured our vision immediately by getting to know us as a couple. Through 18 months of planning together, Meredith considered every detail and presented it to us in a step by step fashion which simplified the entire process….even made it enjoyable! While we had a very good idea of what we wanted our wedding day to look like, she also brings an excellent, creative touch and adds many useful suggestions that we hadn’t even considered (and we are glad we did). The amount of anxiety and stress that was reduced through the experience with Blue Fancy was instrumental and allowed us to sit back and enjoy the day. Any service Blue Fancy can provide will be beneficial, but we highly recommend having Meredith involved in as much as you can. Without Meredith our wedding wouldn’t have been the absolute fairy-tale that is was.”  

Megan & Greg

When my now husband and I sat down and started discussing our wedding, he initially said you’re so organized and DIY, why do you need a wedding planner? You could do this with your eyes closed. I explained since we were having an out of town wedding, I thought it would bebeneficial, while I couldn’t be there, they could, and also I knew absolutely nothing about planning a wedding. That being said, we agreed to hiring one, but just knew that I needed to find one that I connected to. I had made a few calls and was able to talk to the various planners on the phone; however, after I talked with Meredith, I called my now husband and said I found my second other half. Immediately, I knew Meredith was the person I wanted to spend the next 8 months planning our wedding with. During the initial conversation it felt as if I was talking to a friend, I shared what we wanted, the vision we had, and it was go time. I want to emphasize that a destination wedding is not an easy task and an even harder task when your wedding planner is not located in the area. However, Meredith heard what we wanted. She knew we wanted a country wedding, set in a barn, and that we wanted everything outside and relaxed. Within a couple of weeks, she had a list of places for us to review. As we were becoming discouraged with not finding a place due to date or cost, Meredith e-mailed with an additional option. Let me just say she nailed it! This place was absolutely perfect. We set up a time to visit the venue and before we knew it, we were booked! From that point on, Meredith led us to finding perfect vendors from the photographer and videographer, to the food and cake, our guests are still talking about it. With every person we met, it seems Meredith just kept finding more and more people that were cut from the same cloth. Everyone we kept coming in contact with, we were like, we want to be their friends. I kept thinking to myself, this wedding planning thing was a breeze, thank goodness for Meredith! Meredith was by my side every step of the way, with weekly e-mails that answered my questions or her e-mailing with ideas. When need be, we even skyped. Up until the day of our wedding, I never questioned anything. She just had everything so organized. The weekend of, she came up the day before. Because of our relationship that we had built and feeling truly like she was family and not just another number, she came to our rehearsal dinner and hung out with our entire family. The next day she was at the venue early, checking the weather down to the minute, setting up centerpieces, laying out the DIY projects I had made, just the way I had dreamed. There was no stress. We just knew she had everything covered and it was. The day was absolutely amazing and we could not have asked for anything differently. Blue Fancy (Meredith) without a doubt is the way to go!! I could go on and on about her and how wonderful she is, but if you’re looking for a planner, you’ll just find out yourself! It will be one of your best decisions for your special day!” Sarah & Dave - Bride and Groom

Kristy_Patricia_Wedding0852“Meredith is the absolute best. My wife and I did most of our initial planning on our own, but we reached a point where it became clear that we needed some help. We met with Meredith to discuss her “partial service” plan, and knew right away we wanted to work with her. She is warm and friendly, and it is clear that she cares about her clients and about what she does. She took the time to ask us about ourselves and our relationship, our vision for the wedding, and any particular concerns we had. I gave her all of our vendor information and she handled all of the coordination from there on out. She was always easy to reach, and made sure that we always knew what was going on.

I’ll admit it, I’m a control freak, but I felt comfortable with Meredith handling everything. The day of the rehearsal I was pretty overwhelmed, but she helped keep me calm-including texting people who were late so we didn’t have to worry about it. We gave her all of our decorations and pictures of how we wanted them set up, and when we arrived the next morning everything looked EXACTLY how I pictured it. Absolute perfection.

The whole day went incredibly smoothly-I didn’t notice a single issue. I was told later that a couple of things had come up, and Meredith had handled them before we even knew. Our wedding was almost 6 months ago, and we still talk about how hiring Meredith was the best money spent on our wedding. We are both a little high-strung and typically nervous about other people handling things that are important, but we were instantly comfortable hiring Meredith and are so glad we did. Bottom line, if you need help planning or coordinating your wedding-whether it’s day of or the whole shebang-contact Blue Fancy.” Kristy & Patricia - Bride and Bride

“Meredith was our day-of coordinator,. She was professional, organized and fun to have around with our group! She hits all the fundamentals in terms of nailing the details, not leaving anything up to chance, flagging potential issues so they can be resolved and considered prior to the day of the wedding, thinking one step ahead, liaising with vendors, etc., but in addition to all of that, she was a wonderful presence to have around on our day! Our wedding party loved her as well, and could go to her instead of always defaulting to us (it’s amazing how many question you answer in the period leading up to your wedding! 🙂 Both my husband and I were so glad we decided to include a day of coordinator as part of our plan. We had nothing to stress out about on the day of, and could focus on taking everything in and celebrating on our wedding day.” Erin & Aaron - Bride and Groom

“When I started the process of planning our wedding, I quickly became overwhelmed. We had a few basic ideas of how we wanted things to be, but actually figuring out how to make that happen was another story. There are so many options and details to consider, but simply not enough time to work through it, especially considering we started planning in early spring for a late summer/ early fall wedding. I knew we needed help and started inquiring with planners. Meredith responded very quickly to my inquiry and suggested we meet in person.

I was impressed by her approach, first getting to know us and the situation before she discussed her approach to the planning process. I found her very approachable and genuine, but most important she is so passionate about what she does. Her commitment was to help deliver our idea for our wedding, stick to the budget and keep us on track for important deadlines. She more than delivered on this, from planning to the day of, she had it covered. It was great to have someone do legwork for you, contact vendors, etc, and then simply be able to make the decisions from there. Meredith has great connections with vendors and we got great service from all that we worked with. She was great at providing ideas and suggests that worked with or improved on what we wanted.

To be able to enjoy the process and not have to stress the details was amazing. Our wedding turned out just as we said we wanted, a fun, social, celebration with our family and friends. The day went off without a hitch and a great time was had by all. It was a wonderful day and would not have happened without working with Meredith!!” Robyn & Brian - Bride and Groom

“If you are on the fence about hiring a day of coordinator and think one of your family members can just do it, you should think again and hire Blue Fancy. We thought we could have a family member do it too but the more wedding planning we did we realized that we definitely needed a day of coordinator. We hired Blue Fancy for day of coordination and set up and take down services and we received so much more than that!

Meredith helped organize a meeting with all of our vendors a few weeks before the wedding to go over the timeline of the day, and after the meeting we handed everything else to her! Her and her team went above and beyond to make sure our special day went perfect they did everything from creating a timeline for the day,running the rehearsal, bringing the bridal party lunch, set up all of the centerpieces and decorations, and so much more throughout the day. She even loaded up our decorations into her car the day before so we didn’t have to worry about any of it the day of.

We could go on and on about how great of a company Blue Fancy is, we highly recommend Meredith and her team, it will be one of your best decisions for your special day!” Becky & Chris - Bride and Groom

“Everyone always says, “I never even thought about having a wedding coordinator/planner until I was underwater with planning and completely overwhelmed.” Well I knew from the start I was going to need a day-of coordinator because the last thing I wanted to do on my wedding day (that I spent a year planning) was to worry about vendors showing up and people being where they needed to be. So I found Meredith and she took all the stress off of our big day. I passed off all of my info to her, and she ran with it all with a giant smile on her face. She went over each little detail with us and took all the stress off my husband and I on our big day. She oversaw everything, from running the rehearsal, to making sure all the dresses and suits were steamed, to bringing breakfast to the salon, to coordinating every detail of the timeline and vendor arrivals and departures. She did it and made the day flow so smoothly. With all the time and money that went into planning everything, the investment of a day-of coordinator was not even an option. We needed one and we got the best. I would highly recommend Meredith for any and all services she offers. She was organized, succinct, energetic, flexible and dependable. I even threw her for a loop when I texted the florist with a change of plans and forgot to let her know (ugh, bride brain). She didn’t even flinch and rolled with the punches. Blue Fancy was THE best investment we made on our wedding day and if I had to do it again, I would pick Meredith every time.”
Kristin & Russ - Bride and Groom

“Blue Fancy Events (Meredith) performed the full service wedding planning for my daughter’s wedding and reception held September 10, 2016. Throughout the planning, managing and implementation process, Meredith had a professional, business-like, efficient, sincere, but most importantly, a caring approach to engaging the wedding couple and organizing all vendors.

Meredith gave us complete peace of mind providing services beyond our expectations. She maintained a feeling of “calm” during a period when stress was the norm and not the exception. Her pride in her work was demonstrated with the quality of the end product . . . a “perfect picture postcard” wedding. Everything ran smooth and every detail got the attention needed for a successful event.” George Kiehl - Father of the Bride

Wedding-0693“We couldn’t have been happier with Blue Fancy Events! When I first met Meredith, she came across very warm, calm and collected with a strong sense of urgency. Immediately, I knew we made the right choice in hiring her as our day of wedding coordinator.

The week before the wedding, Meredith was crucial in seeing the big picture coordination during our vendor meeting. Since we were overwhelmed with the little details, Meredith was able to take the reins and create an overall master timeline we would follow that day. The day of, Meredith was able to keep the day moving on schedule without us feeling rushed or pushed.

My fondest memory is when we were taking pictures on the Cuvee rooftop and my veil swept up in the wind landing on an adjacent rooftop far out of reach. Meredith somehow found an open window and retrieved the veil successfully. Guests were so impressed by her “veil catching” skills. I think she might have even caught a falling table that night too! Super woman!

Overall, Meredith gave my mother and I complete peace of mind that day. We both thoroughly enjoyed the wedding and didn’t feel like we needed to field questions or concerns from guests. We love Meredith and would recommend her and Blue Fancy Events’ services to anyone!”

Alyssa & Brett - Bride and Groom


“For our mini “destination” wedding in Milwaukee, we used Blue Fancy’s “Day-Of Coordination” and “Set-Up and Take-Down” services.

Meredith was always professional, and quick to respond to calls and emails, which was greatly appreciated as we were planning our wedding from Chicago. It gave us great peace of mind to know that our planners were contacting and coordinating with all of our vendors, and on top of passing along payments/tips to the day-of.

Regarding our ceremony and reception decoration set-up, Blue Fancy took our detailed notes to heart, and executed them perfectly. Meredith even stored some of our decorations at her house so we didn’t have to worry about them on our wedding night. It’s clear that wedding planning is Meredith’s passion.” Kristen & Josh - Bride and Groom

JamieGellingsMediaPortWashingtonWeddingPhotographyFischer-514“Meredith was an absolute dream to work with! Me and my now husband are very DIY people. We wanted an relaxed, outdoor, fun wedding, and she helped us every step of the way. She helped us figure out what we need, how to get items, and what we can expect for the day of. She even thought about the very tiny details that made all the difference in the world that day.

Most importantly, she was by our side for our wedding day. I do not know what I would have done without her. She arrived early at the venue to help set up and to make sure everything was in the correct spot. It made me feel so relaxed knowing she was in charge and I didn’t need to worry about another item, only thought about walking down the isle and enjoying the moment. The day was a dream come true for the both of us and Meredith helped make it all possible!” Jen & Mike - Bride and Groom

ed473bw“Blue Fancy Events was more than I could have dreamt for when it came to helping me plan the wedding of my dreams!

Meredith’s dedication to making my vision come true was obvious from our first meeting. She was attentive to our needs, highly reliable, and most importantly…passionate about her work! She went above and beyond on the weekend of our wedding. From running the rehearsal when we had a last minute officiant change, to bringing us coffee on the wedding day, to taking care of all the decorations at the end of the night..she had all the right touches to making our weekend perfect!

Meredith’s customer service and commitment to us and our family is exactly what we needed! We couldn’t have done it without her!! Use Blue Fancy Events if you want the wedding of your dreams!” Chris & Leanne - Bride and Groom

20141213_0414“Come the year mark of a year and a half engagement, as the bride, I was beyond stressed.  My fiance and I at the time were doing and making everything ourselves.  However, when it came to thinking about what would happen on the day OF the wedding, I was freaking out even more so.  I would be getting ready, my fiance would be getting ready, therefore who would set up and/or who would know our vision and be in charge?  That’s when I found Meredith.  Her “day of wedding package” was exactly what I was looking for.

Had I known a wedding planner was an option at all I would have hired her back when we started planning. Meredith worked with me and made me feel a million times better about what would happen on the day of the wedding. She was at our venue before anyone else arrived and she made sure everything was set up the way we wanted and people were where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there.  If there was a problem, we never heard about it, which was exactly what we needed on our wedding, no stress.  Meredith had ideas that I had never even thought of and she was so organized and knowledgeable about weddings and what went into them.

To this day people compliment me on how awesome our wedding planner was and how our wedding had such a great flow and was so organized, to which I owe my thanks to our fantastic wedding planner.  I’m sad that I won’t be working with Meredith anymore, she really felt like not only our wedding planner, but our friend.  She worked magic and had the personality and ability to take my stress away (literally, she saved the day in a lot of cases).  She’s a fantastic wedding planner!” Alissa & Michael - Bride and Groom

ed447bw“Blue Fancy is WONDERFUL! As parents who had co-planned a previous wedding without the benefit of a Wedding Planner, we assumed Leanne’s destination wedding would also be manageable. From the time Meredith began working with us, until the last guest departed from the reception, we realized just how much she contributed to the event in ways we could never have imagined.

Meredith was personable, socially perceptive, and displayed a constant level of positive energy and enthusiasm from the beginning. She demonstrated professionalism in working with vendors, willingly offered and provided services to us above and beyond our expectation, and identified areas of potential problems and pre-planned effective solutions (and yes, there were problems that occurred ……each one, resolved flawlessly).

Most importantly, Blue Fancy gave us complete peace of mind from start to finish! We were able to spend time with family, visit with guests, and enjoy wedding events throughout the entire weekend, confident that we did not have to be “on call”. We would recommend Blue Fancy as one of the newest and most professional wedding and event planners in the southeast Wisconsin area.” Pat & Peggy - Parents of the Bride

ed256bw“My sister’s wedding was the first wedding I have been involved in that had a wedding planner. I honestly do not know how Lee & Chris could have done this without Blue Fancy Events!

Meredith never strayed from the bride’s vision throughout the entire planning process. She also spent countless hours with my sister & mom preparing for her big day. All trust was put in Meredith from the rehearsal & Friday night festivities onto the wedding day. She never fell short of my family’s expectations. Even the morning after the wedding, her assistant was at the hotel to assist us with whatever we needed.” Jan Herman - Maid of Honor

“My daughter was married in mid-December, 2014. She and her husband-to-be organized most of the wedding preparations. For the day of the wedding and the rehearsal, however, they felt they needed additional help and hired Meredith Sipe as the wedding coordinator. Considering all the different areas of the ceremony and reception that needed attention (example: dog of honor walked down the aisle in a wagon by the bride’s father) and the many stations that needed to be set up, hiring Meredith was one of the best decisions they made.

She met with the couple a few weeks before the weekend to go over plans and preparations. The wedding and reception went off without a hitch in large part due to Meredith. She was organized, friendly, energetic, and knowledgeable. We had only two hours to set up the entire space for both the ceremony and reception with a guest list of 125. She made it happen. She managed to be everywhere at once. Since she was directing the set up, I was able to spend much of my time with my daughter as she dressed and got ready to walk down the aisle. The days leading up to the wedding were tense, but on that day Meredith eased the stress. She had answers to questions and solutions to problems. When the bride forgot the bouquet she was going to throw, Meredith created an impromptu bouquet made of peacock feathers which was inspired because the peacock theme was used throughout the space. At the end of the night, we had only one hour to disassemble and remove all the trappings. With her help, we met that deadline with time to spare.

Meredith has my complete and total recommendation as a wedding coordinator. Thank you, Meredith!” Katherine - Mother of the Bride