Let’s get together!

Full Planning 

Our signature package 

Working with you, side by side, allows us to shine our brightest; this full planning service is most reflective of our company philosophy. We are there for you every step of the way, and involved in as much or as little as you would like or need. We work together as a team, but take on a great deal of the heavy lifting, so that you can bask in your engagement, and partake in the areas that actually make planning a wedding enjoyable! 

a la carte menu available for additional services that allow you to fully let go and enjoy the ride.



Partial Planning 

Management, Structure, and Guidance

This package is comprised of all aspects of Lite Blue, but includes a full budget breakdown, vendor selection based on personality and budget, detailed timeline guidance, and scheduled reminders to keep you on track with the planning process. Additionally, we provide unlimited access to our expertise in all areas related to your wedding from the moment you join the Blue Fancy family.

Wedding Management 

aka “Day of Coordination”… and then some

We begin working with you approximately two months before the wedding to learn everything there is to know about you as a couple, and all that your wedding entails. This allows us to fully take the reins to manage all aspects of your wedding. There are also some extra goodies that we throw in just for fun!