Meet Blue Fancy



Hi there!  Welcome to our little Blue Fancy family! My name is Meredith Sipe-Sumner, and I am the owner and founder of Blue Fancy Events. I wasn’t always an event planner, nor did I ever think that I would some day be running a company. It was one of those dreams that we all have tucked away…one of those dreams that we say we might “some day” follow, but deep down, don’t actually believe is a part of our reality.

I began my post college life as a music teacher, and taught elementary, middle school, and high school students. My job was rewarding, and my students were my life. Twelve years went by, during which I had earned my masters degree in administration. I began to think like a business woman, and was beginning to feel the entrepreneurial side of me bubble to life.

I woke up one summer morning, to the realization that I had been teaching my students to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams, but I had never once taken my own advice.  I realized it was time. Within a week, I resigned from my position. If I was going to make a significant change, I knew that it could not be a gradual process. I spent the next month creating a business plan, a website, and specific branding ideas. Within two months, I launched Blue Fancy Events. I have never looked back.

Today, I am surrounded by a team of hard-working and compassionate people that carry out the Blue Fancy philosophy to it’s fullest degree. This company wouldn’t be where it is today, without the hard work of my amazing staff, supportive family, and our incredible clients.


Lead Planner

Growing up there were three things I always knew I was good at: being creative, building friendships, and staying endlessly organized. From organizing family vacations, to designing wedding invitations and coordinating school events, my “busy-bee” and “people-person” personality has lead me to a profession I only dreamed about.

Standing up in my first wedding as flower girl when I was eight, to planning and arranging the countless details for my oldest sisters wedding, weddings quickly became something familiar, and something I was truly passionate about. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse with a degree in Communication and Graphic Design, I found myself searching for a career that I could be myself in. Blue Fancy has allowed me to build meaningful relationships and be more than just a wedding planner but also someone you can trust leading up to your big day.


Lead Coordinator

I’ve always considered myself a people person, and my position as Lead Coordinator has only improved that trait. Having spent much of my younger years in the hospitality industry, I know how important professional and friendly service is.

My favorite part of working as a Lead Coordinator, is seeing all the smiles, handshakes and applause that comes from a truly awesome celebration of Love. I am always honored to be part of a couple’s wedding, and to see the love and dedication between the two. I can’t wait to meet you and congratulations!


Coordinator, Chicago Area

I have always loved meeting new people and creating a unique connection with others. I realized my passion and love for coordinating events and weddings, when I was asked to be the Day of Coordinator for a friend’s wedding. I loved that I was able to let my creative side flow, while also figuring out all of the logistics to make it work. I have called myself a creative, operational people-person, and coordinating weddings has allowed this trifecta of mine to flourish. I consider myself lucky to have found something that I am passionate about, and love even more that my passion brings people together in celebration. I am grateful that I am able to connect with people and give them a peace of mind when it comes time to celebrate their big day. I am so excited to be a part of the Blue Fancy team, and I cannot wait to continually celebrate love along the way!


Coordinator, Chicago Area

Hi there! Thank you for choosing Blue Fancy and trusting us with your big day! It is an honor and pleasure to work closely with you to achieve your wedding vision. Ever since I was young, weddings have been a big part of my life. Coming from an enormous and tight knit Indian family and community, I’ve attended close to 50 weddings and have been involved with about 10 of those weddings from start to finish. The largest wedding party I’ve worked with had about 850 guests so I am ready to tackle any challenges that may come our way! My greatest joy and satisfaction is when I see the couple smiling and thoroughly enjoying the most special day of their life with their friends and family. I am looking forward to meeting you and creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Coordinator, Milwaukee Area