We are passionate, organized, sincere, and real. We truly care, not just about the wedding itself, but about the couples and families that put their trust in Blue Fancy. Allowing a wedding planner to take the reins on one of the most important days of your life requires some amount of vulnerability. Blue Fancy is about the relationships that are sparked from the moment we meet you, and continue to develop throughout the planning process. Our couples know that they are truly in the best hands possible. They are able to completely ‘let go’ on their wedding day, trusting, without a doubt, that everything will be taken care of, seamlessly and professionally. We will go above and beyond, in order to make your day reflect your vision.

This is the Blue Fancy philosophy, which was developed the moment the company was born, and will always be what makes us unique in the world of weddings.



As a deeply passionate and romantic person, who loves to plan and organize everything in sight, becoming a wedding planner has been my dream job since the age of six.

After several years of teaching music, I came to a very difficult and scary realization. I had been teaching my students to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams, but I certainly hadn’t been taking my own advice.  I realized it was time. I bit the bullet, and started Blue Fancy Events. Blue Fancy is now extremely successful, and I can truly say, with a full heart, that I am ‘living the dream’.


Lead Coordinator

Growing up there were three things I always knew I was good at: being creative, building friendships, and staying endlessly organized. From organizing family vacations, to designing wedding invitations and coordinating school events, my “busy-bee” and “people-person” personality has lead me to a profession I only dreamed about.

Standing up in my first wedding as flower girl when I was eight, to planning and arranging the countless details for my oldest sisters wedding, weddings quickly became something familiar, and something I was truly passionate about. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse with a degree in Communication and Graphic Design, I found myself searching for a career that I could be myself in. Blue Fancy has allowed me to build meaningful relationships and be more than just a wedding planner but also someone you can trust leading up to your big day.


Lead Coordinator

I’ve always considered myself a people person, and my position as Lead Coordinator has only improved that trait. Having spent much of my younger years in the hospitality industry, I know how important professional and friendly service is.

My favorite part of working as a Lead Coordinator, is seeing all the smiles, handshakes and applause that comes from a truly awesome celebration of Love. I am always honored to be part of a couple’s wedding, and to see the love and dedication between the two. I can’t wait to meet you and congratulations!


Lead Coordinator

I have always loved planning events – there’s something really great about seeing the bits and pieces of plans and details come together to create a spectacular event.

Planning weddings is even more fun, because it’s not just about creating an event, it’s helping a couple plan the first day of the rest of their lives. I’m excited to be a part of the Blue Fancy team, and to help give meaning to such special days!